5 minute setup process

A dead simple way to ask your users
which features to build next
and let them know when you get
them ready

We help you to quickly set up your feedback portal, manage feature requests from your users and ship your changelog in through email and website!

* Credit card not required, 14 days

A single place for all your previous and future releases

Easily manage your feature requests

We don't want you to spend all day in our app managing feedback! That's why we built simple and intuitive interface.

Keep your users and team up to date with app updates

Use integrations such as Trello to automate this process and make it as quick as possible.

Cut down on support emails

Support can be expensive and spending time to respond on questions about your features and releases will be a matter of past

Check out our live demo
Change colors and make it look like in-house software

Auto Generated Hub

Every project (and user segment) gets its own automatically generated feedback hub that can be easily shared with anyone. Just copy-paste the link and it's ready! This is the place where your users can request new features and check previous releases.

  • Feature requests included
  • Release notes (changelog) included

User Segmentation

We believe that every feature and release has different output depending on who you are presenting it to. That's why we care about user segmentation. Your beta users will care about edge features, while your investors will care about the money these features are going to generate.

  • You can opt-out and use just one group
  • It's possible to change appearance of hub by group
  • It's possible to enable 'subscribe' options for users


People are busy. All of us are. You can't really expect that your users are going to check your hub on their own. That's why we care about email delivery which works alongside with your hub.

  • Change colors and logo for email and make it fit your brand


We are actively working on integrations. You can use them to save your time - build release notes using them.

  • As of now, Trello is the only one supported
  • Contact us if you need custom integration!


$19.95 / month

  • Integrations
  • Feature requests (hbu)
  • Changelog (hub)
  • Email updates
  • 2 subscription groups
  • Single project


$29.95 / month

  • Integrations
  • Feature requests (hub)
  • Email updates
  • 5 subscription groups
  • Email customisation
  • Website customisation
  • Up to 10 projects


  • All Pro features
  • Unlimited subscription groups
  • Custom integrations to fit your workflow
  • Complete custom hub

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